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This week's UNEDITED Euro Weekly News article
Thursday 29 June 2017
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Some people just never seem to be satisfied. Personaly, I thought the recent evacuation of the Camberly high rise apartments was pefectly reasonable and justified. However unlikely a fire of the Grenfell devastation would have occurred quite so soon (if at all) it was never the less a possibility. To hear the moaning and whinging of those evacuated, you would have thought they would have preferred to chance an agonising death than be disturbed 'at that time of the night!' Well I think Georgia Gould, the Camden Counciler who made the decision, was very decisive and extremely articulate in her explanation for the evacuation and had tried a number of alternatives that didnt come to fruitation. She simply wasnt prepared to take the risk, however unlikely, of seeing more people perish. Good for her. Have you noticed the sting has also gone out of the left unashamedly trying to turn the whole tragedy into a political incident? Well I think the reasons come clear in the following text kindly submitted to me by David from the UK. 1. The block of flats was not run by the council, but by the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation which comprises of eight tenants, 4 councillors and three independent members. Emma Coad elected Labour MP was on this board who are being accused of not listening to tenants. 2. Labour holds the seat the block is situated in. 3. Labour run the London council who manage the under funded London fire service. (Sadiq Khan produced a report saying the fire service didnt need more funding!) 4.The decision to change contractors during the refurb. was made by the KTCMO. As was the decsision not to spend 138k on sprinklers. 6. KTCMO was formed under the 'right to manage' legislation passed when Labour were in power in 2002. No wonder the Corbynites have changed tack and shifted to only blaming the government for not handling the aftermath well enough. Typical.

Couldn't believe Corbyn, who seems to be everywhere at the moment, actually turned up at Glastonberry. Blatantly pontificating like some 1960's Guru, he used this opportunity to try and bend the minds of even more youngsters, who have no idea what life would be like were he and his Marxist party ever to come to power. His final puffed up 'message' to Donald Trump to 'build bridges not walls', was pure 'flower power' jargon, Utopian rhetoric that finaly petered out when the sixties flower children came of age and began to see sense. Unfortunately the kids lapped it up. No wonder the left want the voting age lowered to sixteen. Its the same ploy used by Blair and Brown, who let in floods of immigrants purely to obtain their votes. Labour will do anything to gain power. They have no morals, shame or scruples when it comes to using the gullible to mark an X against their party. I would almost like to see them get in, just to be able to tell these misguided youngters when the whole country falls apart, 'I told you so'. On second thoughts, perhaps not.

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