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I know. I know. Where have I been? Well the truth is nowhere really. Just getting through it, same as all of us I suppose. Have managed a few gigs in the UK since we spoke last. I'm delighted to say every one of them went well and have been rebooked for this year. Confirmed so far June 6th Norwich. Sept. 25th Whitby. Dec.4th Yarmouth. Others are to be confirmed, but will keep you posted. If you have, or know of any venues in these areas who would like to book the ol boy around these dates, I'm all ears. will find me.

Meantime I'll be playing various regular dates on Mallorca throughout the summer, will inform all when confirmed.

Quite geed up at the mo. Will be featured with my lovely new lady on the new series of OAP's Behaving Badly. Although the title is likely to change it is a series of six and goes out in the Spring on Channel 5 so look out for it. NEW SERIES STARTS WEDNESDAY 25 MARCH 2015

The new single 'Reflections' written by John and Trish Waller is available on Amazon; give it a whirl if you feel so inclined. Reactions have been excellent so far. The column' popularity still seem to grow. The Euro weekly is now read by some half a million people weekly and has the biggest distribution of any English publication in Spain, so we’re all very proud of that. We are also on line and if you would like to make any comments (I can take it) you can direct them to this site and all being well will be linked directly and published on the Euro web site. (Aint technology grand!).

Still asked on a regular basis how the twins are. Delighted to say they are both well, as are the rest of the offspring’s. The dynamic duo are now fourteen (you ‘eard!) soon goes by dunnit? David is now a brown belt at Karate and won a gold, silver and bronze medal for Spain in last year’s European championships. Rebecca is still the boss and blossoming into a beautiful young lady. David will be taking part in two other big Karate competitions this year; one will be in Cardiff so were all very excited about that. Will keep you posted about those as well.

And that’s about it for now. Will try and keep a bit more up to date in the future. Promise. Meantime, stay fit and well, help each other out a bit and whatever ya do.

Always Keep the Faith. Love

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